What Exactly is Sustainable & Ethical Fashion?

Ethical Fashion

WHAT EXACTLY IS SUSTAINABLE & ETHICAL FASHION? We love fashion as much as the next person: fun outfits, glamorous accessories, individuality… what’s not to love?! Well, devastating environmental damage and severe human rights abuses, to name a couple.  Fashion, as it turns out, is a whole lot more complex than pencil skirts and shoulder pads, […]

16 Ethically-Made Workwear Brands For The Modern Working Woman

ethical workwear for women

Sustainable Women’s Workwear For The Boardroom & Beyond Most of us struggle to find clothing that is tailored yet affordable for the business casual environment, especially when it comes to ethically-made pieces that we can feel proud wearing. But look no further. We’ve found 16 ethically-made workwear brands for the professional woman, that range from […]

Eco-Friendly Fashion: How It Affects Our Lives?

set of women 39 s straw bags on trendy yellow E294DGF scaled

Eco-Friendly Fashion During half of the past decade, the words Ecological, Green, Recycled, Ethical, and Fair Trade has become more talked about and has become trendy and so fashion houses also understand that they need to change the way they make clothes, by using eco-friendly raw materials, fair working conditions for workers in the textile industry, […]

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