Secure Online Purchase: How To Be Safe With Your Money

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Secure Online Purchase: How To Be Safe With Your Money 1 

Secure Online Shopping

Buying online can save time, effort, and money and usually safer, but with the possibility of fraud and deception, like wrong dimensions or wrong product.

And It is very important to distinguish between a sales site and a price comparison site, If the store appears on the site of price comparison does not indicate the credibility of the store, price comparison sites mostly do not select the stores that appear on their site, and do not take responsibility for the sale.

Read the website policies before any purchase and check online and look for recommendations on the site.

I’ve collected some tips for you before buying online so let’s get started.


Before you buy:

1. Check the store details

Today anyone can open a store on the Internet without much effort and money, so it is very important to check that the store site is operating legally and reliably.
Check if the store site is reliable, serious and professional.
Read the “About” page, “privacy” page and service policy of the store site.
A serious site will provide its customers with the following information:
business name, address, telephone, e-mail address and details about canceling a transaction.


2. Check the product information

Check what are the details of the product, the name of the manufacturer, the country of manufacture, the type of material, payment terms and if the price includes shipping tax? Is there insurance and what is the insurance period? And who gives the insurance for the product? Because besides the official importer of the product there are other unofficial importers and are not committed to the product as the official importer.
So make sure that this is the model you wanted to buy because there are other models of the product with small differences for example a different letter or number.


3. Be suspicious of a low price

“If you buy cheaply, you pay dearly”

Cheap goods are usually not the best in terms of quality.

“If you buy quality, you only cry once”

Items of good quality may be expensive, but they will last you a long time.

Secure Online Purchase: How To Be Safe With Your Money 2

Here are some reasons why the price is low:

If the price is very low, you should check that there are no hidden costs
such as freight, taxes, essential accessories and additional supplements.


Old sample products, refurbished products or came from a shop window, their price is cheaper.

Check that this is indicated in the product details, the store is obliged to indicate this, unless it is intentionally hidden and if so do not buy in this store.


Some sites offer a low price as a means of attracting customers to the site, but they do not selling the desired model and then try to persuade customers to buy another model or another product (Bait Product).

These are sites that take the money and do not provide the product to customers.


Some sites offer cheap prices but also low insurance and service after you purchase the item.

Read The Policy & Term Page.


4. Exceptional conditions

Here are some signs to note before each purchase:

A: There is no information about the store like phone number or email.

B: Delivery time is longer than 3 weeks or more.

C: The store requires money in cash or bank transfer.

D: Can not pay with credit card.

E: The store requires payment to an address or mailbox different

from the official address of the store site.

F: If the site is not familiar to you call the number listed on the site.

if there is no answer or the call sounds suspicious to you, don’t buy.


5. Review the Privacy Policy

Check that the site does not give your information to a third party, it should appear in the rules or in a separate section, if you don`t find this policy or it`s not clear to you, don’t buy.


When buying:

1. Pay by credit card

Credit card companies are required by law to return the money to the customer if the card has been illegally used on a secured site. But if you paid by cash, check or bank transfer, This means you are giving up the protections that apply to credit card payments.

Credit card can also make payments, it means that you can try to determine the date of the first charge, which will be after the time the product should arrive, and if the product did not arrive you can cancel the transaction and charges.



2. Check that your site is secure

Sites that are secured by the SSL protocol have an icon in the address bar or at the bottom of the browser (depending on which browser you use) on each page of the purchase process.

SSL security prevents your credit card information from being exposed.

Never send your details by email.

After purchase:

1. Keep the transaction confirmation

Print and save the transaction confirmation, and make sure all the product details and the transaction price appear.

For any problem you found, contact the store website.



2. Check the product when it arrives

Make sure the packaging is genuine and complete, check that the model if it`s correct and that all other accessories are included, review the product to see that there is no defect or damage, and also check that there is a manual in your language.

If the product is defective or missing parts, contact the store website.


3. Cancellation of the transaction

If for any reason you did not like the product or service, you may return it to the shop according to the website rules.

The consumer is protected by the Consumer Protection Law, so you can cancel the deal and return the product to get the money back minus cancellation fees if there is a cancellation fee.


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