How to Look More Handsome: 17 Hacks

If you really want to know how to look more handsome you should burn all the beauty and style magazines that you have ever bought. Seriously, winter is coming and you’ll need some fuel for the chimney.

What you don’t need are thousands of articles about the three things that make you more attractive and the two secrets that turn you into a good-looking motherfucker. You don’t need them because I am going to share THE answer with you, when it comes to your desire to be a handsome fella that the ladies gaze at.




It feels good to know that they want you

I’m about to sharre 17 unbeatable ways to look better than ever before. From teeth to toe, I cover it all.

And that’s quite a challenge for a guy who looks like a 16 year old teenager  and has more scars than general Stryker after a fight with Wolverine.

How to Look Handsome with 17 Awesome Tricks

But hey, even though every girl with a glimmer of self-love ran away from me during my high school time, I now look quite good. Despite my scars I have an athletic body, I dress properly and I don’t stink like an rotting opossum.

Today I can proudly say that I am a handsome dude.

It wasn’t easy for me to figure out all the tiny but important details that define an attractive man. I had a lot to learn and to figure out. It took me over 365 days to transform from an ugly duckling into a potential boyfriend who women don’t want to hide in the basement.

All it will take you is about ten minutes. That’s the approximate time you need to read and internalize the following 17 hacks to handsomeness…




1. Work on Your Hygiene

Let’s start with a well-intended advice that we men love to ignore.

When it comes to attracting women, your hygiene plays a very important role.

No woman wants to sit next to a guy whose armpits smell like the garlic paste he ate the day before. No woman wants to kiss a guy whose mouth smells like a cigarette that was dipped in a five day old coffee. No woman wants to go down on a guy whose drumstick smells (and looks) like a German cheese factory.

You probably don’t want to hear it, but your mother was right when she told you that you should wash your ears. I go even one step further and tell you that you have to clean your whole body. And don’t you dare to forget to clean your ass and your balls.

I know the best how man usually shower.


how men shower

To be honest, I often catch myself falling back into the “man shower mode”. Usually, I admit my mistake after I ran around with an itchy back and a lot of fluff in my belly button for at least one week.

You don’t have to scrub your skin with poisonous disinfectants, but taking women as an inspiration when it comes to showering is not the worst idea.

Oh, and one more tip: If you pee under the shower (I know you do), the whole “I smell so nice” effect will be gone within seconds.




2. Crystal Deodorants Will Change Your Life

Now that you know that working on your hygiene makes you more handsome than driving in a Ferrari spider, you might ask yourself the following question:

“I shower every day, but my armpits still smell like a chemical weapon. What do I do wrong?”

In this case you probably rely on the axe effect.



How to Look More Handsome: 17 Hacks 1

Not only are most of the expensive brand deodorants deadly (just type “deodorant aluminum” into Google), they also don’t work.

I tried every expensive brand on the planet and none of them helped me to not stink. I really thought that I was destined to smell like a dead fish.

It all changed when Sasha Daygame gave me one of his crystal deodorants. That stuff is absolutely amazing. No chemicals, no high price and no smell. I still use only crystal deodorants and if you want to smell irresistible, you should use them too.


3. Use Perfume, But Don’t Bath in It

Deodorant makes your armpits smell good, but I highly doubt that every single girl you meet will lift your arm and smell your armpits to decide whether or not she wants to go on a date with you. At least that never happened to me.

However, what happened to me a lot is that a woman gives me a compliment about how good I smell. And nope, that doesn’t happen because I bath in the Axe effect, but because I use the right perfume to improve my delicious natural smell.

While I know some guys who simply spray deodorant on every inch of their clothes, I prefer to use a decent perfume to show the ladies that I care about myself and about how they perceive me. At the moment I use a very cheap perfume from the German brand Bruno Banani, but I am planning on experimenting with pheromone perfumes.



You don’t have to buy the most expensive perfume.

Just find one that represents your personality and that smells good. Oh, and listening to this guy’s advice is also not the worst thing you can do:


4. Take Care of Your Teeth

Do you want to know how to look more handsome?

Then prevent THIS from happening:

Unless you are British, in which case it is socially acceptable to have teeth like stars (sorry, but I’ve lived there for over a year), it is absolutely unacceptable to have bad teeth. Besides your eyes, your teeth are the first thing a woman sees when you approach her. Make sure that the first impression doesn’t cause any nausea.

Protect them, cherish them and especially…brush them!



How to Look More Handsome: 17 Hacks 2

Don’t just take your tooth brush and rub over them for two seconds. Use tooth paste and leave that goddamn thing in your moth for at least three minutes. Do that three times a day and you won’t have any problems.

Now you just have to avoid bar fights and say goodbye to your careers as a professional ice hockey player and you are good to go.




5. Having Hair and Having a Hairstyle is NOT the Same

There is a huge difference between having hair and having a hair style.

It took me quite a few years to understand this difference, but eventually I figured it out. I really hope that you don’t need hundreds of different styling gels and dozens of people who bully you with Beatles songs before you understand that difference.

I practically looked like Paul McCartney in the 1960s for my entire childhood and for the majority of my teenage years. Wait a second. I really looked like that throughout all my teenage years. The bullying got even worse when Justin Bieber got famous and he had the same damn haircut.

With 22 years I had finally enough of the Beatles and the Bieber jokes. It was time for a change. It was time to get a haircut that looked good, that made my face look older and that was in alignment with my personality. I finally got a hairstyle that was perfect for me.

If you don’t feel handsome, it might be because your hair looks like a mess.

Unless you are totally into hippie chicks, you shouldn’t look like one. But be careful. Don’t just get any hairstyle. Get one that looks good on you.

I would look like a giant baby if I would have very short hair and Bruce Willis would probably look like a retard if he would have my hairstyle. Make up your mind before you get the scissors.


6. Allow Her to Kiss Your Mouth

It’s time to trim that thing!

Nope, I am not talking about your pubic hair, even though removing them is also a very good idea. I am talking about the forest that you have in your face. If you really want to learn how to look more handsome, you have to be willing to shave your beard.

This is a bit awkward for me, but I promised myself to always be honest to you. I never had a lot of hassle with my beard. It’s not that I don’t have any facial hair, but my facial hair is so thin and grows so slowly that nobody notices when I don’t shave for a day. I guess I have to ask my mother if she had something with the Asian delivery guy.

In case you are from Spain, Turkey or Greece you might be flabbergasted that there are men who don’t have to shave every day. The good news is that you can choose from a lot of different beard styles. The bad news is that you have to be careful to not look like Gandalf.

No woman wants to choke fur balls after she kisses you.

She also doesn’t want to fight her way through leftovers from your lunch. Take care of the woman you are with by taking care of your beard.



How to Look More Handsome: 17 Hacks 3
Your Hipster friends might love it, but she has a hard time to find your mouth


Here is a good resource that can help you to transform your forest into a damn sexy beard.


7. Don’t Let Your Skin Fall Off

What’s even more important than the forest in your face?

The stuff that’s underneath it!

Your skin doesn’t have to feel soft like a baby’s ass, but it also shouldn’t crack and fall off.

You won’t have any problems with your skin when you live in a tropical country like Thailand, but in case you call the Siberian desert your home, you should moisturize it at least once every day.

While some hardcore alphas still think that using moisturizer is something that only gay people do, I can tell you from my own experience that women prefer touching a man with a healthy skin over destroying their lips by kissing tree bark.

Now that you have a good-looking beard, white teeth and a healthy skin that doesn’t look like a warzone, you just have to make sure that you don’t look like the McDonalds M.




8. Remove the McDonalds M

It is hard for me to admit it, but if I wouldn’t pluck my eyebrows I would look like this guy:



How to Look More Handsome: 17 Hacks 4

Mother Nature wasn’t only mean enough to not give me a decent beard; this bitch was also very good at planting all my hair right above my eyes.

In comparison to some Arab guys I still got off lightly, but if I wouldn’t pluck my eyebrows, I would look like a moron.

While I don’t recommend to remove ALL your eyebrows and to run around with painted eyebrows (that looks weird on women), I recommend removing the middle part of your eyebrows.

If you really want to learn how to look more handsome, you have to be willing to transform your one eyebrow into two eyebrows.


9. We Gonna Let it Burn

Nearly everyone (besides me) wants to look younger than they actually are. The dream of eternal youth is a marketing machinery that is worth billions of dollars. Beauty products, anti-aging products and plastic surgery are the result of millions of human beings who dream about looking young and fresh.

On the other hand, it has become a trend to get a tan and to look like a chocolate muffin.

Am I really the only one who realizes that there is something wrong with this logic?

If you want to look young and handsome and you are regularly grilling yourself on the beach or at the solarium, you are doing it wrong.

It is definitely no secret that too much sunlight is poison for your skin. It not only causes skin cancer, it also accelerates the aging process tremendously. Unless you want to look like a burned toast, you should stop worshiping the sun.



How to Look More Handsome: 17 Hacks 5
That’s what you’ll look like after too much sunlight


When I stopped following this completely idiotic tanning cult one of my colleagues laughed at me for being so pale. Today his skin looks unhealthy and he has wrinkles all over the face.

I look younger than ever.




10. Change Your Habits from Unhealthy to Healthy

Did you know that your habits define how handsome you look?

Now you know it, and now is the time to think about whether or not your habits are increasing your attractiveness or making you look like a lazy fart who has given up on life.  The sad truth is that most men have habits that are anything but healthy.

Your habits define who you are and in the long run they define who you will become.

Just have a look at the following habits and think about which side you are on.

Eating junk food vs. eating vegetables and organic food

Reading celebrity gossip magazines vs. Reading personal development books

Watching TV vs. Working out at the gym



How to Look More Handsome: 17 Hacks 6
Your habits define your character

The food you eat, the way you treat your body and the information you put in your brain define who you are. A man who consumes junk food, who doesn’t move his lazy ass and who doesn’t do anything to intellectually stimulate himself, can’t expect to be seen as attractive by women. Change your habits and you will see how you change and how they way women look at you changes.


11. Adjust Your Diet

As I just said, you shouldn’t eat junk food all the time, at least not if you want to look more handsome. Getting fat like a sumo wrestler might be attractive in some parts of Japan, but it won’t help you in all other parts of the world. To be honest, unless you actually become a famous sumo wrestler it won’t even help you in Japan.

So you know what you have to do if you are too fat. You have to hit the gym, stop eating junk food and stop using your genetics as an excuse.

But what do you do if you are too thin?

Learning how to look more handsome is not just about reducing your weight, it’s about adjusting your weight.

For years I was always the skinniest guy in class. I was the weed, the pushover and the skeleton that no girl wanted to touch.

If I would have changed my diet to vegetables and green juice I would have killed myself. I actually did the opposite of what so-called nutrition experts preach and ate all the crap that makes people fat. I left out the sugar (I didn’t like the idea of getting cancer), but I ate a lot of fat. Thanks to this diet it only took me six months to look like a human being who doesn’t suffer from anorexia.

Sometimes you have to adjust your diet, not just reduce the calories.


12. Get Clothes that Represent Who You Are

It’s time to…



How to Look More Handsome: 17 Hacks 7

But is a suit really the right thing for you?

I mean, I feel comfortable wearing a nice jacket and a good-looking shirt, but I absolutely hate cloth pants. And due to the fact that I spend a lot of my time in South East Asia, running around in suits all day long would be a pain in the ass.

Instead of following a trend or Barney Stinson’s demands it is way better to buy clothes that represent who you are. For example, my favorite style is a pair of blue jeans, some leather boots or Chucks and a black Slim Fit T-Shirt.

This style represents who I am: a minimalistic person who is a big Hank Moody fan and who is attracted to the simple girl-next-door type.

Before you ran in the next best department store you should think about who you are, who you want to represent and which girls you want to attract.

In case you want to attract materialistic girls who are into high-status men, you can of course run around with a suit and an expensive watch. If you, however, are attracted to hippie girls, long hair and sandals are the better solution.

The tricky thing about dressing up is that your clothes have the potential to make you more handsome, but there it always depends on the woman who is looking at you.




13. Have Some Manners You Jerk!

No woman wants to date a submissive nice guy who behaves like a well-trained puppy. However, that doesn’t change the fact that women want to go out with men who know how to behave in social situations. The last thing she wants is to worry about whether or not you will ruin the wedding of her big sister.

Doing crazy social freedom exercises and behaving like the biggest jerk in the world is a good way to lose your social anxiety. There is a time when you should do exactly that. However, once you got rid of your fears and as soon as you are able to approach and to seduce amazing women, you should switch back to normal mode.

If you behave like a jerk and eat like a pig you might be able to attract women who’ve also never learned how to hold a fork and a spoon, but I doubt that you really want that.

As a man who wants to attract educated and well-mannered women who don’t burp and fart every few seconds, you have to represent the same qualities.

Otherwise, she’ll lose interest in a heartbeat.


14. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Getting enough sleep is not only important for our mood and for our overall well-being, it also affects our aging. There have been plenty of studies that come to the conclusion that lack of sleep has a tremendous impact on the way we age. One study that I have found pointed out that not sleeping enough over a long period of time can actually double the signs of aging.



How to Look More Handsome: 17 Hacks 8
“I might be Asian and still young, but if I continue this lifestyle I’ll soon look like a 50 years old Caucasian”

As a man who wants to know how to look more handsome, you have to make sure that you get enough sleep.  I don’t recommend any specific number of hours. Your body is different than mine and while I need 8 hours of sleep, you might only need 6.

No matter how much you need, do everything you can to get it.

Your immune system, your libido and the women who are happy to date a handsome fella like you will thank you for it.




15. Work on Your Posture

You don’t have to be a professional bodybuilder to be seen as a handsome man. However, you also shouldn’t walk around like Quasimodo.

Thanks to the living environments that we humans created, nearly all of us have backs that can be used as hiking paths. We sit in front of computers all day long (especially me), we forget to sit straight (especially me) and at the end of the day we need a good Thai massage to survive the night (me again).

What many of us don’t realize is that the hunchback that we carry around doesn’t just affect the date of expiry of our spine, but it also affects the way women look at us.

While a man with a straight back is seen as a self-confident leader, a man with a hunchback is seen as insecure, weak and submissive.

Goddammit, I have to work on my posture today.


16. Ladies are Crazy for Shoes

It is no secret that women are crazy for shoes.

I once dated a girl who was so obsessed with her shoes that she had to wear a different pair for every event. While no heterosexual man on this earth can understand why women are so into shoes, there is another thing that the majority of men just doesn’t get.

Women are not only into their own shoes, they are also into our shoes.



How to Look More Handsome: 17 Hacks 9
“Your shoes match my high heels. Let’s get married!”

Just because you don’t give a shit if she wears sneakers or Ballerinas when you go out, doesn’t mean that she won’t look at your feet. She actually cares a lot about what kind of shoes you wear. For you your shoes might be nothing but a necessary evil to not lose your toes in the winter. For her it reveals your personality.

Your shoes have the same power as your clothes. They represent who you are. Make sure that you choose wisely. This article might help you with your choice.


17. These Nails Won’t Get in My Pussy!

Please look at your nails and answer the following question:

Does she want me to nail her with these nails?

If they are dirty, too long, or otherwise broken and damaged the obvious answer is “no”.

When it comes to her desire to sleep with you, the way your finger nails look is extremely important. No girl wants to have sex with a guy whose nails look like a cracked wall and the reason for that is pretty simple.

She knows that your nails will eventually land in her pussy.

In case you are a virgin and you don’t know anything about the vagina, I see myself forced to share two facts with you.

The vagina is…

A: soft

B: sensitive

The vagina doesn’t want to get nasty infections through dirty nails and it also doesn’t want to get hurt by nails that are too long. Cut your claws before you finger her to orgasm and she will be happy to please you.

What? You don’t think you have what it takes to get her in bed?

She’ll undress herself if you use these techniques…

Summed Up Wisdom

Take a shower. Use the right deodorant. Use the right perfume. Brush your teeth. Cut your hair. Cut your beard. Use moisturizer (not gay at all). Remove the McDonalds M. Don’t get grilled. Change your habits. Adjust your diet. Get the right clothes. Get some manners. Get enough beauty sleep. Work on your posture. Buy the right shoes. Cut your nails.

Voila…you just learned how to look more handsome in 17 easy steps.

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