Colors and Fashion! How to mix them together?

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Combining Colors and Fashion

Mixing colors can either make or break your dress. Having trouble in matching clothes? Getting your basics right will help you freshen your wardrobe in a trendy style.

Know the rules before you break them!


The basic idea to match clothes

Keep in mind the following things.

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Menswear neutrals are basic to outfits that always match. Learning and using them can be useful.

The all-crucial Contrast

Create a balance of contrast among the top, bottom, and shoes. With light top, use dark bottom and light shoes.

Refrain from tonal dressing

Merging top, bottom, and shoes of the same color can really make the final outlook monotonous.

Don’t use tops too close to your skin tone

Your appearance looks blanched.

How to mix colors the right way – Everything you should know

​Ready to embrace the rainbow?

These tips will help you create a new fashion.

Keep colors in the family

The safest way to mix colors is to blend different tints of the same color. However, it can get boring. Use complementary colors using a color wheel.

The Color Wheel

The two triangles in the wheelwork out the most suitable complementary colors.

The Monochrome Look

One-colour in the same shade taking over the whole attire.

Stick to one pattern

Don't add many colors to a patterned outfit to make it clumsier as one or more colors make a single pattern.

Balance out colors

Try to neutralize the colors you have mixed carefully not to make it look overly colorful.

Opting neutral colors

It’s always good to go with one cool or warm color, keeping everything else neutral. Neutral shades work best.

Take a look at Canva Color wheel tool for more information.

You now have some idea to match clothes the right way.

Test your skills — Give it a go!


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