Black Friday – What you should know?

black friday present

Black Friday Present


How to get ready for Black Friday’s sales promotions?   What should be checked before the Black Friday Sales?  And what additional costs will be added to the purchase price?


Black Friday Sales.

Friday opens the shopping season between Thanksgiving and Christmas in the United States, is a record of consumerism in the United States and in recent years in the whole world. Black Friday applies after a day of Bachelor Chinese, and immediately afterwards comes the Cyber Monday. It’s about a day and a night of fever shopping all over the world, where brands and stores around the world offer significant discounts and benefits.


How to find the best deals and coupons for Black Friday 2019?

I’ve compiled a list of tips here to help you buy right on Black Friday 2019.

1. Sign up in advance to web sites.

Almost all sites of e-commerce on the internet require registration for the purpose of purchasing any product or service. Since this is a 24 hours only, considering the difference in hours between your country and the rest of the world, you may miss a deal that ends in just a few minutes – just because you didn’t sign up. It is therefore advisable to register in advance and fill your details and save you this time.

Some major international sites allow you to receive price drop alerts, products that are in the shopping cart, or the customer’s wish list.

2. Don’t wait – stock is limited.

Did you find a good deal, and you’d better – priced unusual or will receive a discount probably won’t repeat itself? Don’t hesitate a lot and don’t be indifferent – just bought it. Even if later it turns out that you could save another half dollar or one dollar. Remember – you may miss the opportunity, because stock is limited and the demand is high.

3. Purchase only what you really need.

Despite the previous tip, that doesn’t mean you have to buy anything. Black Friday promotions are very tempting. But purchase what you really need – and not any product, just because it is discounted. Otherwise you may find yourself ending this day with a big hole in your pocket.

Pre-defining the products you are looking for, along with the amount of budget you are willing to invest in a purchase, can often help you find them at a good price.


4. Check the original price of the product before sale.

You should check well in advance the prices of the product you wish to purchase. You may be surprised to find out that the price shown you so-called after 50% discount, that’s the normal price you would pay without Black Friday Sale. Some sellers take advantage of the season before the holiday and raise the prices, and then the same day and offer a ‘Big Discount’, but the actual final price is the price that would be purchased for it also on a normal day.

5. Make sure there is shipping to your country.

Check that the product you want to purchase is shipped to your country and what the shipping costs are. Because there may be no shipments to your country or shipping costs high so the final price is expensive for you.

There are shipping companies that provide a local address in the US or Europe which the purchases can be shipped to and then ship to your country.

6. Remember the taxes

Keep in mind that there are taxes when purchasing products outside your country. Some purchases determined by your country are tax-free up to a certain price, And there are purchases that you have to pay taxes. So when you look at the Black Friday Discounts, put the tax costs into the equation as well.


7.Be warned about shopping on unfamiliar sites, and social media ads.

On Black Friday 2018, there were many cases of fake sites, Who have posted ads on the social network showing very attractive product promotions that customers have never received.
Have you seen a great deal ad on a site you don’t know? We recommend that you perform a simple site reliability check by searching Google for the site name plus the word ‘scam’. If the results are negative, you should not buy from them.

8. Take advantage of a whole week of Black Friday.

Black Friday is a long time ago not just the last Friday in November. Many sites have already begun to offer special deals to Black Friday week, and continue growing until the end of the week of Black Friday itself.

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