6 Tips to Look And Feel Better While Working From Home

Working From Home

6 Tips to Look And Feel Better While Working From Home

In the world of working from home, finding the right balance between work-appropriate clothes and comfort can pose fashion challenges for any human. You want to look pulled together and not like you’re losing it, but how do you accomplish that when putting on anything besides a house dress or stretchy pants seems really, very challenging? Meet Amy Olson, a fashion show and event producer, whose day job is producing fashion shows, events and magazine shoots (like the Vogue Poland cover, pictured above) and making sure everyone looks camera-ready. Here are Olson’s six best tips to master working from home.

How to dress for work at home

Get dressed like you would if you were leaving the house for work—this sets your mood for the day, she says. “Get ready entirely—head-to-toe, makeup, and at least, run a comb through your hair,” says Olson, who has worked from home since 2008. “Your psyche definitely gets tested when you seemingly have no audience in your daily routine.” She likens getting ready to putting yourself first, to set yourself up for success. “Be ready for the day otherwise the next thing you know it’s noon and you’re still in your pjs,” she says.



Make it cozy And ChIC

“Comfort is key, but I always feel better with a little effort put into how I look no matter the circumstances,” she says.

Her favorite things to wear right now include a Lutz & Patmos cashmere sweater, a lightweight long-sleeve T-shirt, and Mother Denim Insider Crop Step Fray jeans.

As the weather warms up, Olson lives in a kimono, like this style from Anthropologie or this style, also from Anthropologie. The easy-going style transitions for a variety of settings, too. “I’m always in a kimono in the summertime,” she says. “It covers my arms and shoulders from the sun if I’m at the beach but you can also dress these up for night.”

It may be easy to reach for sweatpants and stretchy yoga pants, but the producer recommends doing the opposite to keep things in check. “I’ve made it a point to wear pants with a waistband for obvious reasons,” she says.

why you should Do Your Makeup at home

“I had a friend who worked from home her entire career say to me ‘always do your makeup first thing in the morning,’” Olson recalls. “It really makes a difference and it does something for your own self-esteem.”

6 Tips to Look And Feel Better While Working From Home 1
Fashion Show and Event Producer Amy Olson.


don’t forget to Treat Your Skin

“When producing fashion shows and shoots, I’m surrounded by the best in the business when it comes to makeup and beauty,” she says. To prepare your skin for summer, some of her favorite skincare products include the peptides, retinoids and Vitamin C products by The Ordinary, and leave-on exfoliator by Paula’s Choice.

6 Tips to Look And Feel Better While Working From Home 2
Olson produces countless fashion shows, like the Misericordia Fashion Show at Bloomingdale’s.

Cover Your Roots

“Since we all have been away from our favorite salon, hair stylist Sally Noblett recommended something I swear by now—Color Wow Root Cover Up,” Olson says. The cover up “powders grey hairs and is not heavy or cakey on your hairline,” she says.



why you should wear Shoes at home

Shoes ground you when times feel uncertain, the producer says. Olson’s picks right now include a pair of Gucci loafers, like these logo-accented velvet numbers, which look chic in any city and in any climate, or a cool pair of sneakers, like these Chloé scalloped leather sneakers.

Do tell, what’s your favorite WFH fashion or beauty tip?



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