4 Ways To Look More Stylish In Your Org Shirt

4 Ways To Look More Stylish In Your Org Shirt

1. Cardigan

Layer this over your org shirt, and you’ll look smart and chill in no time. Choose a longer one (goes below your hips), so you get a cleaner look—your org shirt won’t be sticking out below the hem. Go for lighter (and neutral) hues and one with breathable fabric, since you’re still in the tropics.

2. Flannel Long-Sleeved Shirt

Just match the text color of your org shirt with a color on the flannel, and you’re good to go! If your org shirt is in a bolder shade, consider swinging on flannel in black and white.


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3. Denim Jacket

It goes with anything casual. The wash is entirely up to you (dark looks sleeker, and light looks more rugged), but it’s generally not recommended to have the same shade of denim on your jacket and on your jeans.

4. Chinos

Dressier than denim jeans but still casual, chinos come in a variety of colors and shades you can pair with your tee. To look extra stylish, pick maroon, mustard, olive green, or deep teal chinos. They’re not as neutral as brown and beige, but they go with a lot of colors.


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