16 Ethically-Made Workwear Brands For The Modern Working Woman

ethical workwear for women

16 Ethically-Made Workwear Brands For The Modern Working Woman 1

Sustainable Women’s Workwear
For The Boardroom & Beyond

Most of us struggle to find clothing that is tailored yet affordable for the business casual environment, especially when it comes to ethically-made pieces that we can feel proud wearing. But look no further. We’ve found 16 ethically-made workwear brands for the professional woman, that range from durable denim workwear to business casual and formal. Whether you’re dressing for function, durability and comfort, attending your nonprofit’s annual gala, or heading to meet a corporate client, these styles will leave a lasting impression.


1. People Tree

Ethical Business Wear For Women - People Tree

Based In | London, UK
Ethics | Fair trade, eco-friendly, organic cotton, GOTS-approved dyes
Best For | Blouses, dresses, slacks
Price Range | $$

Based out of the UK, People Tree has been a leader in the Fair Trade movement for years. Their gorgeous patterns are made by in-house designers and are handwoven by Fair Trade groups paid living wages. People Tree also values transparency—clearly listed under their garments are who made each piece and where. Their high-quality ethically-made workwear will last you forever and have you feeling confident and comfortable with their flattering dresses, tailored slacks, and elegant blouses.

Shop People Tree


2. Everlane

Responsibly-Made Office Wear For Women - Everlane

Based In | San Francisco, CA
Ethics | Fair wages, sustainable practices
Best For | Modern basics
Price Range | $$

Best known for their modern basics, Everlane has a wide-ranging workwear collection ranging from blouses to slacks to their newly released work shoes. And if you work in a more casual or business casual setting, their lightweight and simple styles should be a staple in your wardrobe. Plus, with each piece comes a link to the factory where it was produced. Radical transparency is at the core of their work, and you’ll feel proud to wear their effortless and clean looks.

Shop Everlane


3. Thought

Sustainable Workwear For Women - Thought Organic Clothing

Based In | London, UK
Ethics | Organic fabrics, charitable giving, slow shipping, ethical sourcing
Best For | Dresses, tights, work socks, cardigans
Price Range | $$

Based in London, Thought is an eco-friendly and organic apparel brand, perfect for women’s work basics, as well as pants (called trousers in the UK), cardigans, work socks, bamboo tights, and dresses. Prioritizing ethics and environmental sustainability, Thought utilizes practices like slow shipping, carefully-sourced fabrics, and charitable giving. Their clothes are affordable and available worldwide, so be sure to check them out for your workwear needs.

Shop Thought


4. Komodo

Sustainable Business Casual Outfits - Komodo

Based In | London, UK
Ethics | Eco-friendly, GOTS-certified, sustainable practices, fair wages
Best For | Skirts, dresses, jackets, slacks
Price Range | $$

Komodo is a pioneer in the movement for organic and eco-friendly fabrics and fibers, including bamboo, hemp, tencel, and recycled rubber. From these, they produce beautifully unique pieces that are sure to turn heads in the workplace, ranging from wardrobe staples to socks to outerwear. You’ll love feeling luxurious and stylish in Komodo’s skirts, dresses, and jackets—while knowing their clothes were made sustainably in factories using solar energy.

Shop Komodo


5. Tradlands

Slow Fashion For The Workplace - Tradlands

Based In | San Francisco, CA
Ethics | Fair wages, sustainable practices, recycle program, natural materials
Best For | Button-ups, basics
Price Range | $$

Founded by Sadie Roberts in 2012, Tradlands is on a mission to make high-quality women’s clothing, inspired by classic menswear. The brand creates effortless looks and garments, and they use a slow and sustainable process to do so. Tradlands pieces are often made with natural fibers and are designed with and by boutique clothing manufacturers around the world—all of whom value ethical and empowering working conditions. Unused fabrics and defected garments are always recycled or donated to women’s organizations.

Shop Tradlands


6. Karen Kane

Business Casual Workwear Made In USA - Karen Kane

Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Ethics | Made in USA, sustainable practices
Best For | Plus size workwear
Price Range | $$$

For nearly 40 years, Karen Kane has created fashion for the modern woman full of passion and integrity. Their workwear line, in particular for plus size, is no exception. With upbeat patterns and flattering fits, their ethically-made work clothes include tops, bottoms, and sweaters – but our favorites are the dresses. Made in the USA, their dresses are a mix of laidback and stylish, ideal for the working woman on the go.

Shop Karen Kane


7. j.jackman

Sustainable Business Professional Clothing - j.jackman

Based In | Berlin, Germany
Ethics | Locally-made, organic fabrics, small-batch
Best For | Business professional skirts and dresses
Price Range | $$$

j.jackman was founded by Jovan Vialva in the fall of 2015. Believing driven and professional women should have the ability to choose a conscious wardrobe, the Berlin-based apparel brand creates small-batch clothing using local fabrics and materials. Shop the ‘business look’ line, as well as the organic collection, for your professional wardrobe staples. They ship worldwide.

Shop j.jackman


8. Wallis Evera

Business Professional Dresses - Wallis Evera

Based In | Canada
Ethics | Eco-friendly, organic hemp, biodegradable, ethically-produced
Best For | Professional event dresses
Price Range | $$-$$$

Wallis Evera knows how hard it is to find comfortable, stylish, and affordable work clothes—and their workwear collection changes the game with high-quality eco-fabrics that give you the perfect fit and look. Produced ethically without sweatshops or child labor, Wallis Evera uses hemp as the basis for each of their pieces—and we are loving their hemp dresses lined with natural rayon. Their dresses are perfect for the corporate setting or an after-work dinner, featuring stunning silhouettes and a neutral palette.

Shop Wallis Evera


9. Vetta Capsule

Ethical Capsule Wardrobe For The Office - Vetta Capsule

Based In | Boston, MA
Ethics | Sustainable fabrics, responsible factories, made in the USA
Best For | Capsule Wardrobes
Price Range | $$$

Vetta Capsule is a womenswear brand helping women create mini capsule wardrobes for work and leisure. All of their thoughtful garments are sustainable and made in responsible US-based factories, and deadstock fabrics are often used when creating pieces. Additionally, Vetta uses buttons and elastic made in the USA, as well as recycled packaging materials, inserts, and poly bags.

Shop Vetta Capsule



Responsibly Made Workwear For Plus Size and Petites - EILEEN FISHER

Based In | Irvington, NY
Ethics | Organic, recycled, and sustainable fibers, ethical workshops, supports women
Best For | Inclusive size, petites
Price Range | $$$

Designing products that delight the spirit and simplify life is the mission behind the EILEEN FISHER apparel brand. Whether you’re searching for a coat, cardigan, vest, or jumpsuit, this sustainable line has something for every woman, and they pride themselves in inclusive sizing. EILEEN FISHER also boasts an impressive work culture and a social responsibility model. Initiatives include water and energy conservation programs, fair and ethical workshops with frequent audits, and efforts to support women.



11. Citizen’s Mark

Responsibly Made Blazers - Citizen's Mark

Based In | Berlin, Germany
Ethics | Fair wages, sustainable practices, 100% biodegradable materials
Best For | Classic blazers
Price Range | $$$$

Citizen’s Mark is a socially responsible brand that designs blazers for professional women on the rise. Not only do they seek responsible suppliers, but they look for leaders in quality & ethics to join their supply team. Crafted from 100% biodegradable materials in a factory that pays living wage, their blazers make a comfortable & conscious staple to the working woman’s wardrobe.

Shop Citizen’s Mark


12. Boden

Responsibly Made Workwear - Boden

Based In | London, UK
Ethics | Ethical trading, fair wages, give back, recyclable packaging
Best For | Bright blazers, patterned skirts, slacks, & dresses
Price Range | $$

Boden’s workwear collection comprises of bright colors and bold patterns, while being tailored to perfection. Founded over 25 years ago, Boden is a longstanding member of the Ethical Trading Initiative, and their clothes are ethically- and sustainably-produced with recyclable and eco-friendly packaging when possible. Whether you’re looking for the perfect fall cardigan or bootcut pants, Boden has a wide range of pieces ideal for the business-casual workplace.

Shop Boden


13. Gamine Workwear


Based In | Tennessee, USA
Ethics | Made in USA, fair wages, small batch production, minimal waste
Best For | Denim workwear
Price Range | $$-$$$

Not all women work in an office—and Gamine Workwear celebrates these women who work outdoors, who work with their hands, and even weekend warriors. Their denim dungarees are handcrafted in a tiny town in Tennessee by skilled, fairly-paid craftspeople, and are field-tested by gardeners, geologists, and farmers. Their styles are produced in small batches with minimal waste, and are designed with function and form in mind—which means they get better with use.

Shop Gamine Workwear


14. Hackwith Design House

Ethical Workwear Made In The USA - Hackwith Design House

Based In | St. Paul, MN
Ethics | Made in the USA, small-batch
Best For | Jumpers, blouses, pants
Price Range | $$$

Every garment at Hackwith Design House is made-to-order and sewn in a small Minnesota studio—this reduces on waste and ensures every garment is as unique as the woman wearing it. Releasing limited-edition collections every week and using quality fabrics, Hackwith is a favorite for professional women. We are especially fond of the jumpers.

Shop Hackwith Design House


15. Kestan

Sustainable Professional Clothing - Kestan

Based In | Costa Mesa, CA
Ethics | Fair wages, organic cotton, sustainable practices
Best For | Skirts & slacks
Price Range | $-$$

Kestan is the go-to brand if you’re a woman on the go wanting a modern, effortless look. Using organic cotton and sustainable practices including transparencies with their factories, Kestan produces ethical work clothes that are affordable and easy to style. Their range of bottoms include loose-yet-sophisticated slacks, and elevated pencil skirts that can be mixed to match any business casual outfit.

Shop Kestan


16. Landau

Responsibly Made Sustainable Scrubs Brands - Landau

Based In | Memphis, TN
Ethics | Family business, ethical and humane facilities
Best For | Scrubs, lab coats
Price Range | $

For healthcare professionals, Landau scrubs are designed to be sophisticated, flattering, and functional. With fashion-focused colors and print designs, each garment produced is made with quality fabric and then meticulously inspected. A third-generation family business, Landau was founded in 1938 in Tennessee. The company is committed to a quality product made in ethical conditions and is proud to hold WRAP Certifications for their facilities.

Shop Landau


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